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Tuowei Information uses Rainbond's cloud native landing practice

I'm Ding Peng, a Golang engineer from the PAAS team of Tuowei Information Cornerstone Research Institute. Our team is mainly responsible for the selection, construction and development of cloud native application platforms, so as to shield the underlying infrastructure from the bottom and host our cloud platform from the top. Microservice application, convenient and efficient to help the cloud-native implementation of enterprise services.

2 times the efficiency of product research and development, Penghai Software uses Rainbond to build an industrial Internet platform

Hello everyone, I am "Gao Yuan" from Qingdao Penghai Software Co., Ltd.Our team is mainly responsible for the underlying construction of the product platform, the update and specification of the architecture/technology, and we have developed a Manufacturing Execution System (MES) based on Rainbond...  

Wisdom Julu uses Rainbond to implement the practice, a platform to manage all application systems

In recent years, I have been in charge of the operation and maintenance of the smart city project "Smart Julu".This project involves the operation and maintenance management of more than 30 sets of smart city applications developed by more than 10 suppliers. Using traditional methods to deploy and manage will definitely cause confusion.At the beginning of the project, we tried to use cloud-native technologies to improve deployment and management efficiency.

The practice of Xianyang Big Data Administration using Rainbond as a smart city base

Xianyang Big Data Administration is responsible for the organization and leadership of the city's information sharing work, coordinating and solving major problems related to government information sharing, researching, formulating and organizing the implementation of the city's big data strategies, plans and policy measures, and guiding and promoting big data research and application work , establish the city's unified data service center and information sharing mechanism.

The library app implements cloud native DevOps practice based on Rainbond

The library is a cloud-based private library that focuses on users' self-growth. It integrates the functions of reading, recommending, borrowing, purchasing, storing and knowledge management of e-books. It is committed to the cognitive empowerment of users. achieve self-growth.At present, the cumulative number of registered users has reached 1500W, and the platform book resources have exceeded 200W.

Kergi Data completes cloud-native transformation through Rainbond to achieve offline continuous delivery to customers

Nanjing Keji Data Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2015, providing one-stop full life cycle knowledge graph construction, operation and maintenance, and intelligent application services, and is committed to "linking massive data and mining wisdom from big data".Help enterprises use knowledge graph technology to build the world's leading cognitive work automation intelligent engine.