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Featured Open Source Applications

Show some selected open source applications in the Rainbond open source application store, welcome to install and use

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All Featured Open Source Applications

  • A reliable configuration management system

  • A Java diagnostic tool open-sourced

  • DevLake is an open-source dev data platform that ingests

  • A distributed and extensible workflow scheduler platform with powerful DAG visual interfaces

  • is a distributed search and analytics engine

  • EMQX is an Open-source MQTT broker with a high-performance real-time message processing engine

  • Filebeat is a lightweight delivery program for forwarding and centralizing log data

  • Fluentd is an open source data collector for a unified logging layer

  • Jaeger is an open source distributed tracing system

  • Kibana is an open source data analysis and visualization platform

  • One-stop cloud native streaming data management and control platform

  • OpenVSCode is an online IDE code editor based on a Web interface

  • Pyroscope is an open source continuous performance analysis platform

  • Make stream processing easier! easy-to-use streaming application development framework and operation platform