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Modular Personalized Delivery

The previous article introduced that standardized products are delivered to the customer environment through one-click installation, but for most 2B software delivery scenarios, different customer environments and needs will be different, and personalized needs are the norm, and these personalized needs have increased. 2B software delivery is difficult, so how to improve the efficiency of delivery of personalized requirements?

Enterprise application continuous delivery

Delivering enterprise applications well has always been the focus of ToB software vendors.Rainbond Application Model (RAM) is an application model proposed by Rainbond. By abstracting enterprise applications into models, combined with the application market mechanism of the Rainbond platform, one-click installation/upgrade is finally realized.

Business building block assembly

In recent years, everyone thinks that the microservice architecture is a modular silver bullet, and they are all transformed towards the microservice architecture, but the actual effect is not only not very modular, but rather caught in the quagmire of application deployment and operation and maintenance.This article will talk about some new ideas for Rainbond to solve application architecture decoupling and modularization.

Localization and Xinchuang Support

The cloud native application management platform can be deployed in the Arm64 environment.Since January 2020, Rainbond has conducted adaptation tests with Huawei and Feiteng respectively.After verification, Rainbond can run stably on both the Kunpeng 920 chip and the FT2000+/64 two Arm64 chips, reaching the production-ready standard.

Enterprise-level application unified management

When we use a smartphone, the mobile APP is installed from the application market with one click. After installation, click and use. When there is a new version, one-click upgrade. If you don't want to use it, long press the icon to delete. The whole process is very simple, and children can be proficient. master.For enterprise applications, due to the complex structure, high availability requirements, and many configurations, the management of enterprise applications is extremely complicated.There are generally specialized operation and maintenance engineers within the enterprise to be responsible for ensuring the normal operation of enterprise applications.

Application-level multi-cloud management

At present, cloud computing has various forms of public cloud, private cloud, edge cloud, virtual machine, etc. How to efficiently manage multi-cloud is the current problem. In the cloud-native era, how to use cloud-native technology to achieve multi-cloud management?This article will cover "application-level" multi-cloud management with Rainbond.

Offline Environment Software Delivery

"Using Rainbond to achieve software delivery in an offline environment" is here, arrange 👇.

Integrated development and test environment

GitLab is good at source code management, and Rainbond is good at application automation management. Integrating Gitlab and Rainbond can bring out their own strengths. This article describes in detail how to integrate Gitlab and Rainbond, and realize an integrated development environment through integration.